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Downloads : QSE A2-B1 Pre Int Exam Tests

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QSE PRE TG 2009 PET Answer Key


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QSE PRE TG 2009 QS Test Answer Key


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QSE PRE TG 2009 Self-assessment


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QSE PRE TG P146-161 PET Exam Practice UK


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QSE PRE TG QS Tests Units 1-16


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QSE PRE TG p144-145 Photocopiable Intro UK


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Review of
Smart English

EL Gazette - The Newspaper for English Language and International Education

Smart English is a new course for general English. It has several interesting features. First, the CLIL strand is superb, covering areas such as genetics, ecotourism, phobias and gravity. Second, an accompanying DVD takes students on an interesting journey around the world. Third, the book includes three (four) slightly longer texts to encourage extensive reading. I like the foldable cardboard flaps, which form part of the cover; they present 'language banks' of useful phrases. Topics such as circuses and street art should appeal to the target audience of young adults. The twelve units are well designed; includes some lovely illustrations. Worth investigation.

Pete Sharma, EL Gazette, November 2012